Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Honoring Melissa McGroerty Fisher

For those of you who have not read all the previous blog posts, Melissa McGroerty Fisher was a wonderful woman I met through an online community for women with Gyn cancers. We hit it off immediately, and became cancer besties. Sadly, Melissa lost her life to metastatic cervical cancer. You can read previous entries about Melissa herehere, and here.

Melissa McGroerty Fisher

On November 17, 2015, my dear friend Melissa McGroerty Fisher passed away from metastatic cervical cancer. Exactly one year later, I drove down to Hilton Head, SC, with her husband Ed, her parents Elaine and Tom, and two of her best friends, Colleen and Amy.

We arrived to beautiful weather. In the early evening, while it was still light out, we went to Tower Beach, Melissa’s happy place. Ed read a beautiful statement, opened the small urn of ashes, and let them float into the breeze.

It was amazing– Melissa’s ashes dancing on the wind, with the sun shining through. It was a truly fitting send off for a woman who was not of this earth. She was so beautiful, both physically and spiritually, that she could not be bound to this place.

We spent the rest of the weekend reminiscing about Melissa, telling stories, and visiting her favorite places on Hilton Head.

And if you are at Tower Beach, on the right day, with the right light, you can see Melissa’s spirit dancing across the waves.

I will always love and miss Melissa. Every morning when I wake up, I speak to her, and I say, “I live this day for you.”

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